Get 100% objective feedback on hands they've played

Boss Ranger is the first poker tool that lets players:

See how good they are compared to other players

Practice playing real money poker hands without betting any money

"A lot of players don’t realise how important it is to be putting your opponents on ranges all the time. Ranges should be the basis of every decision you make. If you can put your opponents on accurate ranges then it is easy to make the right decisions."

Patrick Mahoney

Tobias Wagner

Tournament Pro

Cash Game and Tournament Pro

"Playing Boss Ranger is the best way to practice because it's basically the same as making reads in a real game except you don't have to risk anything and being able to practice without the possibility of losing money is pretty ideal obviously."

What do poker pros think about Boss Ranger?

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Pro's think in ranges and they are good at it.

Contrary to what you may have seen in many poker movies, no poker player has the gift to pinpoint the exact holdings of their opponents. And trying to do so is usually futile and detrimental to your game.

If you knew your opponent's hand, then you would be able to make the perfect decision in every situation. Unfortunately, this is impossible as you will hardly ever be able to definitively put your opponent on one specific hand. Instead, you can rely on your knowledge, your experience and your observations to put your opponent on a number of possible hands. We call this collection of hands a "range".

When you consider that over 90% of hands in a real money poker game are never shown, it makes sense that you should be training and improving your ability to determine what hands your opponents could have in their range. The more precise and accurate you are at determining your opponents range, the better you will be at poker. 

What is a 'range' and why is it important?

Over 90% of hands in a real money poker game are not shown.

Soul reads are only in the poker movies.

If you knew what cards your opponent had then you could play every hand perfectly.

Boss Ranger is designed specifically to improve your ability to put your opponents on accurate ranges. If you don't normally think about your opponents ranges when you play poker, you should start! If you do already think about ranges when you play poker, you can see how good you really are and start improving! 

Most poker players think they are the best at the table and obviously not everyone at the table can be the best. After every hand you complete you will be ranked among the other players and you will know exactly how your read compared. This is crucial to learning because once you to know what level your game is at, you know exactly how much you need to improve to beat your opponents.

Poker players often say "The best way to learn is to play.", we agree but we don't think you need to waste money on buy-ins while you're learning. Boss Ranger will take your game to the next level and you won't have to fork out the money for buy-ins while you improve.

You make decisions as if you were at the table playing the actual game. Other training tools are used when you are already aware of the cards and the outcome. This diminishes your ability to think objectively and therefore fails to train your ability to make real game decisions.

Why players love Boss Ranger?

All the games are real money poker hands that were played against real poker players. 

Less Opinions, More Stats

Optimal Poker Training

Think in Ranges

Real Game Conditions

A More Profitable Play

"It has been an amazing experience to introduce this new concept to the poker community. I am looking forward to continuing to help players improve."

Will Weeks - Boss Ranger Founder